Finally it’s Kinda Fun

When I was working on a pull-up, I remember the exact day that working out actually felt…good.  It was around day 40.  Today is another special day, because I uploaded some recent (two days ago) pictures I took of my son outside.  It was the day when I thought, “wow this is really enjoyable.”

It’s still really hard and frustrating, but I finally feel like I have enough skills that I can get excited about capturing beautiful moments.

Here are a few of my favorites:

“First Encounter” – This was overexposed bc of the snow, but I kinda like it that way.


“Hat Hair” 😉 – Definitely overexposed. Cute though!


“Crooked smile” – I didn’t have the sun in the right spot, which is why it looks like there is a line down his face.


“Off you go” – I like this one, but pretty overexposed. It may have been nice to have his full body in view too.


“A boy and his ba-ball” (That’s how Freddy says basketball) – So I adjusted the ISO, or the f-stop, can’t really tell you which one- to allow for less light. This helped off-set the snow and sun. For some reason, I feel like it takes out some of the magic of the photos though.

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