Unstarted Projects and Tasks

Sometimes never having started is the worst kind of quitting.  Do you have projects around your house, or organization ideas for the office, or small tasks here and there that you put off, and it just irritates the crap out of you?

Here are some of my unstarted projects/tasks I would like to tackle:

  1. Make Freddy’s Baby Photo Book (like, sometime before he leaves for college)
  2. Fix the wall decor baseball cross (This wooden cross in Freddy’s room, that you place baseballs in.  It’s super cool, but they keep falling out, so I have to glue them in)
  3. Call someone about the problem with my fridge (Our fridge “runs” in a way that is so freakin loud, it startles guests).

These things just roam in the back of my mind, on the edge of my to-do list, just where I can see it every day.  I know that just getting them done would give me so much relief.  I’m making it a goal to accomplish these all by the end of March.


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