When You Lose Steam

I’d be lying if I said I have consistently practiced photography the past two weeks.  Aside from attending class the other day, I went about a week and a half without touching my camera.  I feel like I’m close to giving up (I won’t, but I feel like it).

giving up

I noticed something.  Without having practiced, I didn’t really want to go to class (luckily I forced myself to).  Had I not gone to class, I would have had a much harder time practicing again this week.

So, I learned this:  Not doing something only leads to more not doing it.  So, that can only mean that continuously doing something leads to more doing it.


It’s tough losing steam on a goal.  I’m in a place where I don’t feel like practicing, and it’s hard to force myself to.  I guess all I can do is suck it up and keep practicing anyway.

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