How My Attitude is Killing my Growth

After about 6-7 weeks of attempting to learn and practice photography, I find myself now in a rut.  I had gained momentum when I started seeing some real improvements with my photos.  Then I got off track, stopped practicing regularly, and now I am at a point where it doesn’t sound fun.

puppy sad

This is when I would usually quit. I would tell myself these things:

  1. You tried, and it wasn’t what you thought
  2. It isn’t really a necessary skill at all
  3. You don’t really need the money from starting up a side business
  4. You can always pay a reasonable amount to have family photos done
  5. It’s more effort than you realized
  6. You already have a full time job, being a stay-at-home-mom


I know that I can’t go down that road.  Change is really really really hard.  When a goal is tough, or the excitement of the new goal wears off, I want to bail.

I know this isn’t an uplifting and exciting post, but it’s really where I am right now.  On Tuesday I have a photography class, and hopefully it will help inspire me again.

hey-girl-you-might-feel-stuck-in-a-rut-but-dont-forget-how-awesome-you-are (1)

Ah, thanks Ry-Guy.  You always know what to say.

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