Back to It

I’m finished with my mini-tantrum about how hard it is to learn photography.  So I started practicing again.  Yesterday my husband hesitantly agreed to be my model along with my son, so I could practice.

Here are some of my favorites:


I just missed the perfect moment, but this was alright too.


These pictures were too bright.  I learned (too late) that to decrease the light I could do a couple things:  Raise the Fstop, or decrease the exposure compensation.  I had the flash on, which makes it even more light, but I learned in class to always use flash when doing portrait-type photography.

Here is an example of no flash:


And same photo, but with flash on:


I was just using a pop-up flash (the one on my camera) but our instructor told us it’s the worst one to use.  It will help, but not enough to be a serious photographer.  So I may look into buying some new flashes.

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