Making Clearer Goals

When I was working on a pull up, it was a clear and concise goal.  It’s easily measurable, clear when it’s mastered.  My path to working on it was more consistent too.  It’s harder to master goals when they’re unclear.

clear goals

When your goal is to “photograph well” it’s ambiguous.  It feels foggy to me, and that’s how my progress has been.

I’m establishing three goals that are more clear, because I think it will help me stay on track, and measure progress better.

  1. Master blurring the background, while the subject is well focused and clear. (Like without just getting lucky after finding one picture that accomplishes it amongst 50 others that don’t)
  2. While outside, master capturing the correct exposure. (Super difficult when you’re new!)
  3. Take pictures with correct rule-of-thirds, exposure, and focus.  (Encompassing all parts of a photo)

Then.. After TONS of practice with those, I will look into more photo classes to keep my learning going.

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