Practice With Focus and Blur

A bit ago I tried making shorter, benchmark-type goals within the overall goal of learning photography.  My first goal was to master blurring the background and focusing on the subject.

Today I practiced this a lot, making sure to note the settings and changes I make and what happens.

Here are some:

It’s not very interesting, but the pine cone and branches around it are in focus, the background is very blurred. To do that, I raised the ISO to 1200, and adjusted the exposure compensation to -1 (darker)


Exposure comp. even, ISO 400, F-stop 4.0. I think the coloring is pretty accurate.


The focusing wasn’t successful here. The background is more in focus than I wanted. After taking this, I realized I had to raise the ISO and decrease exposure comp.

The good news is I have the concept down.  Raising the ISO, being within 10 feet of subject, and far away from the background, and decreasing the exposure comp. will help make a photo blurred in the background, but maintain correct exposure.

I still need to fiddle with the settings, but it is becoming more and more familiar.  🙂

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