Breaking Through the Comfort Zone

Yesterday I had a chance to meet with my photography instructor and get more individualized help with my camera.

It was a real game changer.  Now, I feel pretty confident using my camera.  I can go out and about and snap photos, and  get some overall descent pics.  It feels like the worst part is over.  Breaking through my comfort zone was a hard thing to do.


For about three months I had to consistently fight these uncomfortable urges to quit.  I never felt like going to my class, and I always hesitated before grabbing my camera for practice.  I didn’t practice nearly enough because it was so uncomfortable.

But I pushed through it and eventually working on my photography skills became comfortable for me.  It’s still hard, but I feel way more competent in the area.


I feel much more excited about practicing.  I hope this will lead to more consistent practice!



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