Photoshop Class

I began taking a class last Tuesday, called Photoshop Elements, where I learn how to it.  I only had one class so far, but was completely floored by all the things you can do to fix and change pictures.

It helps me understand how these celebrities in their 40s look like they’re 21 and flawless.  With a click of the mouse you can reshape people, change hair and eye color, take away acne or fine lines, etc.  It’s SO easy!  Beyonce is beautiful anyway, but you can see in the before/after some pretty big changes.


Now when I’m on social media, I wonder who uses it on their own photos.  To each their own, but if you ever see photos and think “wow, they look too good to be true,” you’re probably right.

photoshopped kid

Regardless, I’m super excited to keep learning the possibilities, especially things like fixing depth of field, and removing things/people from backgrounds.  It’s a fun program to play with!




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