It Was All a Blur

I practiced taking photos indoors with my son yesterday.  I was feeling quite awesome with my growing skills lately, and saw him playing with a bouquet of my husband’s birthday balloons.

I thought “OMG his eye lashes, his dinosaur pjs, the balloons, and the sheer joy on his face must be captured!”  I took out my camera, and overly confidently took shots of him.  What can I say, it was all a blur.

No, it wasn’t such a magical and fun experience that I don’t recall it.  My photos.  They were all blurry.  I shuffled back and forth with my settings.  I frantically and frustratingly turned it off and back on.  I was missing the magic!  The moment would soon be gone!

I tried a few more snaps, ALL BLURRY.  Moment gone. Freddy pooped. (Not so magical) Time for a diaper change.

Apparently, once I set my camera for outdoors, I couldn’t remember the right settings for indoors.  Ay, lots to learn.


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