In the Spotlight: An Old Student of Mine

I know everyone knows who Albert Einstein is.  He was a massive genius, who had crazy hair, and was insanely brilliant.  But something I learned recently was that he did not speak until the age of 4.  Maybe this is common knowledge, but it’s news to me.

Throughout elementary school, teachers suspected he was lazy, or slow, and wouldn’t do much in life.  Now we know that a lack or delay of speaking skills doesn’t mean that a person has a disability, and thank God for that.  Einstein isn’t my choice to highlight today, actually it’s an old student I had.

I’ll call him John.  John was on the autism spectrum, and also qualified for special education under Developmental Cognitive Disability.  His test scores and IQ results were in the very low range across the board.  But John had a serious love for writing stories.  Because of his diligence and practice (which I’m certain included at least two hours a day), by 11th grade, he tested in the average range in writing skills.

John, despite his test scores that placed him in the very low range (I mean super low- like 2nd percentile), worked his way up to the average range in writing skills.  THIS is something I think of often, when I feel like I can’t do something.  He is so inspiring!


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