Examples of Basic Photoshop Features!

I have taken three classes so far for photography, and the photoshop Elements class just ended Tuesday.  It is really crazy how easy it is to use the basic features of the program.  Here are some photos that have been photoshopped to show you the differences:



The first photo was the original.  The second, I brightened the whites of his eyes, removed the snot from his nose, and whitened his teeth a tiny bit.  I also removed the tiny dot under his eye (which isn’t a freckle, but a tiny piece of food).



The top photo was the original one, and the second one I fixed the exposure, by darkening and adding more contrast.



The top one is the original, and the second I added more contrast through the exposure tool.  It makes it look more vibrant, especially the sky.

Photoshop is a really neat resource, and I plan to purchase it.  But I think I’ll focus more on the photographs themselves for a while first.

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