No classes, No practice

I have learned over time how important accountability is.  My previous photography classes led me to practice more.  I was learning every week, and practicing in between classes.  I have had a couple weeks now without any classes, and have hardly touched my camera since.

Me, falling off the bandwagon

I recently got a new 50 mm 1.8 lens.  I was so excited when it came, and now I feel so blah about practicing.  So anyway, working toward my goal of mastering great photography skills isn’t going well right now.

I’m full-on quitter status right now.  You know when you have a goal but then you get busy doing something else?  Summer is here, and we’re playing outside more.  We have more playdates, more trips to the lake house, more events to attend.  And just like that, two weeks go by without any practice toward my goal.

So yet again, I have to re-invest myself into my goal, and force myself to practice more.

practice makes progress

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