In The Spotlight: Agnes

I was at Church on Sunday, and heard such an inspiring story.  I realized later how much it lined up with my goal of sharing about others who don’t give up.

I’ll summarize the story from our Pastor.  There was a lady named Agnes, who was short, not particularly beautiful, and came from less than fortunate roots.  She had a heart for caring about others, and wanted to help.  Despite not having many resources, much money, and being average at best, she defied the odds.

She did missionary work in India, where she set up her very own hospice clinic to comfort those who were dying on the streets.  She took the dying men, women, and children into her care, when no one else would.

She later went on to be incredibly successful in her work.  She set up many many hospitals all over the world.  She is one of the most famous and inspiring women in history.  She is known now as Mother Theresa.

Mother Theresa

What I found SO amazing about the story, is that I never knew she was an average Jo(lene).  I assumed Mother Theresa came from privilege and had many things handed to her throughout life.  But it’s so inspiring knowing that average people can do such extraordinary things.  🙂



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