Practice with ISO, Flash, & F Stop

Today I managed to dust my camera off and turn it on.  Since getting my 50 mm lens, I have hardly practiced.  What I noticed when I put it on and tried using it with the flash setting, was how all my numbers changed.

I thought the ISO and F stop rules I learned before would still apply.  But actually, it’s changed quite a bit.  But I was able to learn a few things.

When flash is on, the ISO can still raise when you need more light, and fall when you need less light.  The F Stop on the 50 mm can go lower than with my original lens, which is beneficial.  It can go all the way down to 2.8.

Here are 2 pictures I took with flash on, ISO 125, and F Stop 8:



Here are some I took with Flash on, ISO 1000-1200, and F Stop 2.8:



The last one is probably over-exposed, but it’s much better than too dark.  I really need to make more time to practice.  :0

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