Some Insight From our Pastor

I go to a fantastic church, with a super inspiring and funny Pastor who will remain nameless. After all, can you really trust your 3 consistent Blog followers? 😉

Anyway, the sermon was really insightful about my quitting behavior.  A specific thing he said really clicked for me, and it’s this: People don’t have a self-discipline problem, they have a lack of faith.  Meaning, if they can’t read their bible consistently, or work on more positive thinking, or lose 10 lbs, or consistently work on their photography goal, etc. then it has less to do with their ability to practice and work at it, and more to do with not believing it’s worth it.

I think that is very true for me right now.  I think that it’s worth it to me, but I have yet to locate the camera (which is in a box in our new garage- somewhere).  Actions speak louder than words or thoughts.

I’m not sure how we get ourselves to the place where we do have faith in our goals, but I’d like to work on that.


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