Revisiting an Old Friend

I’m 38 weeks pregnant now, and the whole last trimester so far I’ve had bad SI low back pain (hips, back, glutes- quite literally a pain in the butt).  I haven’t been able to work out for about 6 weeks.  Naturally though, I started using my workout time for something that I could do while sitting.  And this is when my love of creative writing re-awoke.

pen and paper

Since I was old enough to write, I have.  I wrote whatever I could, and whenever I could.  It was therapy for me.  When I was in first grade I wanted to be either an author, or the Easter Bunny.  Some might say the chance of both are the same ;).

Unfortunately, I went through a really frustrating time with my writing.  I was fresh out of college, teaching special education.  I started seeking publishing options for a manuscript I wrote and loved, and found myself published!  It was easy.  Too easy.  The company I was working with marketed themselves as a traditional publisher, only accepting 3% of all manuscripts.


I was on cloud nine.  I had my manuscript published, and I loved the book.  That’s about when everything fell apart.  No sales.  No royalties.  No events.  No readers, followers, or anything.  The company was shady, NOT a traditional publisher, and a huge rip-off.  This was so discouraging.  I felt terrible about my writing, and myself.  For two years I didn’t write anything.

Sad face icon, flat style

But there’s good in every situation.  In this season of back pain and a sedentary lifestyle, I came back to writing.  I went to a writing conference last week, and have a fresh love for this hobby.  It feels good to pick up an old goal and start working at it again.


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