The Difficult Stuff to Talk About

I have been very fortunate to not have too many painful situations in my past.  But one of those situations for me was the whole publishing dilemma.  But I have learned that talking about those difficult things is what takes the sting out of it. Saying it out loud, talking about it with friends, writing about it- THIS is what takes the pain out of it.

upset shadow

So I would like to share some of the worst things about this time with writing.  When the reality of the publisher catastrophe (I say catastrophe because to me it really was completely traumatizing) set in, I felt a cloud of disappointment and embarrassment surround me.  Never again did I want to go through that.  Never again did I want to feel that kind of rejection.  This is a huge reason I quit writing altogether for a couple years.

I hate when people ask about my writing.  “What are you working on?”  “Have you published any more books?”  “Are you still writing?”  “How are your book sales going?”  All heart-felt intentions to encourage me, but all questions that just make me feel worse about it.

Here’s why: It’s all going terribly.  I have zero success, and even the book that was published was more so a scam.  (Side note, do your research if you’re seeking publication).

Over my two-year fast from writing, I learned that the only thing worse than having written something that failed, is not writing anything at all.  So, I’m back at it.  Right now I am mostly editing old manuscripts and will start sending them out soon (this time to legit publishers and agents).

ry guy

Pro Tip: When you’re at your lowest, look up Ryan Gosling Memes that tell you what you need to hear.  :0  Thanks, Ry-Guy.  You are so right.

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