The Odds Against Me

At a conference I attended last week, I learned a lot of statistics about the actual chances of becoming a published author in children’s writing (and some other sad realities).  Here are some fun facts I’ll share:

  • 96% of all manuscripts submitted to an agent are rejected
  • With agent representation, your manuscript has a 50% chance of being accepted by editors of publishing companies
  • A successful book in Children’s writing will sell 5,000-10,000 copies- that’s it
  • A large majority (90% I think she said?) of traditionally published authors work full time jobs in addition to writing.  For most, there’s no money in it.

So, this conference was super inspiring! Ha.  But, even with these odds and sad realities of “successful authors” I still yearn to go for it.

I actually find it uplifting though, because my focus shifted back on my original reason for seeking publication in the first place: To help kids realize they matter and are loved.  🙂





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