A few weeks later, I did something

In the past, I have used the “I don’t have any time” as a cop out for not working on goals.  The truth is, there was tons of time.  Like when I used to watch Law & Order for 4 hours straight, or when I scanned through “Fall fashion trends” on Pinterest for an hour here and there,  or when I wrote out all my to-do lists in extreme and impressive depth, instead of actually doing the things on the list.

binge watching tv

Now that I have 2 kids, it really does feel like there is NO TIME.  And when there’s less time, I do more.  Seems backwards.  But somehow, I feel like any time I get I need to use well.  Even though it’s a couple weeks late, I finally submitted a query and manuscript to an agent I heard speak at a conference recently.


I’m hoping she will give me some feedback on improvements.  Now we wait to hear back, and work on other stories.. when there’s time ;0


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