Revisiting Photography

I decided to put photography (another goal I have) on the back burner.  For whatever reason, my interest was peaked again in children’s literature, so I stopped working on Photography for a while.

But it was that time of the year again to send out the holiday card.  I figured I could probably remember enough camera stuff to take some decent pictures of my kids.  Here’s the best of the photos:

Aside from the very painful look on Freddy’s face, and the screaming, falling baby, there were some good things happening here.  I was proud of remembering how to lighten and darken the photo, and where to stand so they were in focus and the tree was blurred.

Despite the yelling, screaming, crying, and frustration (on my part), it was fun to pull the camera out again.  I may work on both writing and photography over the next few months.

….And yes, these were the photos that went on our holiday card. HA.

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