The Waiting Game

After starting to submit my manuscripts to agents again, I quickly remembered how frustrating it is to wait for replies.

Agents are insanely busy people, and put their current clients first, which makes sense.  In the little free time they may have, they look through the hundreds of manuscripts waiting in their email.  My manuscript is one of those, which means the waiting game is a long, long, long one.

Every few days I open my inbox, and delete through all the junk.  Do I have a reply from an agent yet??  No. No. No. No…. you get the picture.

still waiting

It’s interesting, because many agents will post on their websites a statement like this: If you don’t hear anything in 6 months, assume I’m not interested.”

So, in the meantime I work on writing new stories, and submit to other agents and companies in all my time off from momming 😉

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