Refining my manuscripts

I probably have 50+ manuscripts in my google drive right now.  Sometimes the stories come to me easily and quickly, and other times it’s like pulling teeth.  Some are good, many are horrible.  I would be terrified if some of them were made public, because they are just. so. so. bad.

But, of all the concepts I have come up with, my favorite is a Bug series.  There are three books all featuring a different bug.  All these bugs have one thing in common: lack of self-confidence.  They journey through their little bug life struggling with something or another, and in the end they find their own beauty and worth.

These manuscripts all rhyme, and need some work.  I learned through some conferences and research that rhyme is really hard (it seems super easy and simple).  If done correctly, it can make wonderful children’s literature.

So I started refining these stories.  It’s been fun revisiting, and editing them again!



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