Practice with Minnie

My 3 month old had some very special 100 day old photos taken today (Korean tradition).  We met the photographer through my husband’s work, and she is starting out a career as a photographer.  She is incredibly talented.

Being around her and watching her work sparked my excitement again.  I thought, okay I’ll just take out my camera again and do it just like she did.  Much easier said than done.  The angle, the clothing, the facial expression, the lighting, the settings on the camera, the timing, and many more factors go into taking a single photo.

Here are some of the best ones I took today of Minnie.

img_2515 img_2518

Neither of the above ones are good.  It’s too dark in the first.  The second, she isn’t smiling and her hand is sort of in and sort of not, and her bunny is sort of in, and sort of not.  The lighting isn’t awesome.


I mostly like the above photo.  She wasn’t smiling, but it’s tricky to control that.  I like her expression, and the bow.  The dress she is wearing is too close to the color of the blanket.  It could be more clear and in focus.


She started getting upset, hence her face.  Again, a different colored shirt or dress would be better, or a different blanket.

Seeing the photographer work today was motivating.  Hoping to make time for practicing more.

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