This Post Took 3 Hours

And it’s not even going to be impressive.  I have been trying to work on this post for 3 hours.  My toddler has been refusing to nap, coming out of his room, running from me giggling.  My baby has been fussy and now hates being swaddled (apparently) so won’t sleep for long.  And I had to be on a call to poison control (everything is fine), and waited on hold forever.  In the meantime, I also snapped pics of my baby when she did sleep for about 5 minutes.  And some of her playing with a toy.  And some of my cat.

It’s really hard to find the time to practice and work on goals.  There isn’t enough time to mom effectively, work on my own goals, and clean the house, so today I am not cleaning anything.  (There’s plenty I could clean of course)

Here are some of my favorite pictures from today’s short practice:

img_2562 img_2599

img_2604 img_2589

I have a lot of technical skills to work on.  I don’t currently know how to control the focus effectively.  I vaguely remember learning about it in class, but I definitely need to brush up on that.  I also have to work on more creative poses, cropping, and editing.

Here are some funny ones of my cat:





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