Snow Crash: A Story for Today

I have a manuscript that I wrote a couple winters ago. It’s perfect for today, since it’s freezing and snowy outside.

It’s called Snow Crash.  It hasn’t been edited recently, but I will share it here anyway.  Use your imagination for pictures… not an artist AT ALL ha!


Snow Crash

Snowman: Look at me!  I am almost a beautiful snowman!

Snowflake (falling from sky): Ahhh!  I’m falling! Oh no, oh no! I’m falling to my doom!

Snowman: Almost, but not quite.  What’s missing? I have a carrot nose.

Snowflake:  Woe is me! Woe is me!  Tell my dad I love him!

Snowman: I have my two black eyes and smile of coal.

Snowflake: Someone help me!  I’m dying! I can’t stop! Mom?!?!

Snowman: I already have my scarf, and I have my hat.  

Snowflake: Okay, this is a really long way down.  A really really long way down!

Snowman: I have my right stick hand.  

Snowflake: Okay, this is the longest possible route to my doom.

Snowman: I have my left stick hand.

Snowflake: Oh dear!  Oh no! Ahhhh! Here it comes!  Please remember me!!

Snowman: It’s just… something is missing, I can feel it!

Snowflake: It’s over!  I see a light… should I go to the light?!

Snowman: Just a small detail is missing.

Snowflake: Ahhh!  I feel faint! I feel parched, I think.  What does parched mean??!

Snowman: Someone give me my missing piece!  What’s my missing piece?

Snowflake (scared): Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

Snowman (frustrated): Ahhhhhhhhh!!

(Snowflake gently falls on the top of the snowman’s head.  Both of them look relieved.)

Snowflake: Awwwww, this big pile of snow has caught me.  I feel so alive!

Snowman: Awww, this little snowflake has completed me!

(Both snowman and snowflake): Phewww.  

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