The Hindering Words from our Supportive People

Let me paint a picture.  I’m sure you’ve been there, on both ends of it.

You’re talking with a friend, colleague, or whoever about how you have a goal to cook more meals at home.  Or save more money.  Or decrease screen time for your kids.  Or work out more… etc.  And you mention that you’re struggling to stick to the goal.

What does your friend, family, colleague say?  Well, it’s really hard.  You have so much on your plate.  It would be so difficult to stick to that.  I struggle to do that too.  It’s so hard.

Have you been there?  I have been.  And on both sides!  I am ALWAYS excusing my friends and family’s failed goals.  I don’t want them to feel bad about struggling.

But, is this helping us or hurting us?  No one excuses others’ failed goals to be a hinder.  We don’t mean to essentially say,  ah forget about working on that goal.  But we do, all the time.

Yeah, you really do suck at saving money.  You really need to stick to it, and do better. Can you imagine hearing that though?  I would think, “gee what a jerk.”  Right?!

So I have no answer to this dilemma, but I wonder if it causes us to continue failing our many daily goals.  I might try to be a little more helpful in my responses in the future.


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