Day 1: 67 Days of Photo Practice

It’s always easy for a recovering quitter to start something.  We LOVE starting new things.  We love dreaming up goals, and we are super good at it.  We live for the high of starting to become better.  But a few days in we get distracted, discouraged, it gets difficult, and eventually we’re uncomfortable.  Then we quit.

quitting work

But in my last post I paraphrased some points made by our pastor at church, about habit forming.  Basically it’s the fact that to gain a habit (a behavior you naturally do, and want to do), you must practice it for 67 days in a row, and the theory that it should also be fast. Two minutes or less is the expected practice time.

So, today is my first day of the habit forming plan.  Here are a couple pics I got of Minnie, working on it for 2 minutes.



I have lots of work to do, but if I can just get myself into the habit of practicing, that would be huge.  So, day 1 down!


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