The Ugly Truth About Habits

I have been learning about goal setting and habits through our Pastor at church.  He has been doing a series on how we can change our circumstances, and lives.  Anyway, two weeks ago he talked about habits.


According to research (I’m paraphrasing his point), it takes 66.6 days of doing a behavior (in a row), before it is a habit.  67 days is a LONG time to practice something before you actually feel like doing it naturally.

That means for me, before photography practice becomes a habit, I need to do it 67 days in a row.  So, that’s what I’m going to do.  The good news, is research also suggests the expected practice each day should be 2 minutes or less  (And expanded on over time).


Previously til now, I have been practicing whenever I feel like it, am free, don’t have a crying child attached to me, and Law & Order is NOT on (which is never), so I practice never.  Basically.

This research was hard for me to hear, because as a recovering quitter, I don’t want to try that hard at anything.  Ever.  But, I can do anything for 2 minutes.  So today I am starting my 67 day journey to gain the habit of practicing photography.


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