Information Overload

Do you ever feel like there is TOO much information available to you?  Like, your baby has a fever, and you google it and it could be either nothing, or death, depending on what article you read?

Okay, I have a goal.  I will google how to accomplish it.  There are approximately 7,954 ways to accomplish it, books to read about it, articles to follow, websites and websites on the topic, and here they all are at the click of a button.

too much info

Well, when I have to make a decision on something, I can’t when there are seven million options, all backed by “research.”  So, instead of working toward that goal, I’ll just watch Law & Order instead.

We live in an incredible age with so much knowledge and wisdom at our fingertips, but sometimes I miss the days I used an actual encyclopedia.  Like, with pages, and a hard cover, and you can physically pick it up, although you don’t want to because those things are super heavy.  Yes, those days.


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