Re-learning the Basics of Photography

About a year ago I was taking Photo classes through community ed.  I already forgot a lot of the details of what I learned.  Unpracticed, it’s crazy how fast skills are lost.

Anyway, I have been noticing in my photo practice times, that I don’t have a clear understanding of depth of field.  So I found a great intro. article.  It’s here if you are interested.

Shallow depth of field means there is a small zone of focus.  Here’s an example from the article:

guy at night

Deep depth of field means there is a large portion in focus, like below (also from the article):

deep dof

I also remembered that the larger the aperture, the smaller the f-stop, the shallower the depth of field.  And the opposite is true for a smaller aperture, which means larger f-stop, and a deeper depth of field.  This is something I want to start practicing more.

I need to write that down somewhere: small f-stop, more fuzziness, big f-stop less fuzziness.



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