The Sign-up Freak out Method

I have developed a method for reaching goals.  It may or may not be recommended by professional goal-meeting people, but it seems to work in many situations.  If you’re like me, you need a kick in the butt to get it done.

A date on the calendar, an event.  Something concrete. Something that includes other people so you feel the pressure of accomplishing it.

I call this the ‘Sign up Freak out Method for Meeting Goals.’  Basically, you sign up for something hard that you currently can’t do.  Then, after you sign up for it, you freak out and realize holy crap!  Now I have to practice, or I won’t be able to do it! 

I used this for photography recently.  I always dreamed how amazing it would be to photograph my grandparents and their farm.  And their 6 sons- my uncles.  So I told my dad my intentions to photograph all 8 of them and the farm over 4th of July (when all of them will be there).  And he spread the word.

Well, I can’t go back on it.  Am I qualified for this photography project??  HELLLLLL NOOOOO.  But now it’s too late.  4th of July will come.  They will be ready.  I will take photos.  It’s up to me to practice enough so they don’t suck super bad.

Anyway, this method has worked for me in the past. Here’s an example.  I run zero miles per week.  Decide to sign up for (and pay for) the half marathon coming up in 3 months.  I then freak out because I run zero miles per week currently.  But it’s coming!  I have to get ready!  So I train.  I practice.  I work.  I prepare.  I go, and finish.  I throw up after, but I finish.  Goal reached!

Same thing with pregnancy.  Am I qualified to have a kid???  No way!  But I got pregnant- signed right up for parenting.  And then Freddy came, and guess what?  I’m semi-functional as a parent.


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