Insight From a Pro

This week I had my first session with my new mentor, someone I really look up to.  She taught herself photography, and worked at it so hard that she was able to quit her full time job, and just focus on photography!  I don’t know that I would ever do photography full-time, but I definitely want to do it as a side gig if I can.  She is phenomenal!  Her name is Jamie.

Meeting with her was so great.  She taught me so many things that absolutely changed things for me.  I felt like with my new knowledge from her, I was able to practice some really important components.

While I made progress, it looks like steps backward.  Fuzzy photos again, blurred subjects, etc.  It’s got me feelin a bit like


BUT I know that once I get the hang of this new way of photo-taking, it will make my photos better in the long run.  🙂



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