The Power of Help

My first goal when I started a journey to quit quitting was to do a pull-up.  After months of training, giving up and starting again, and drinking protein shakes, I did one!  It was a messy, difficult, and bumpy road there, but I made it.   The MOST influential thing that helped me was when I had a one hour session with a Trainer at the gym.

pull up done

This second goal of learning photography is a similar but longer road.  It’s had ups and downs, frustration, giving up and re-starting, and a lot of confusion over buttons.  Practicing every day made a big difference.  Looking up photos I like made a difference.  But the thing that was the most influential so far was meeting with a professional photographer.

keep calm and help

I asked my questions, and she patiently and kindly showed me what some of the buttons on my camera did.  And then I would say “Now isn’t that neat?!” because I’m 95 years old.

Point being, if you’re a quitter and can’t seem to see things through, look for a professional in that area, and ask to meet with them!  We can use each other and our strengths and professions to meet our goals!


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