Unlearning, Relearning

Have you ever learned a skill one way, but later had to unlearn it, so you could relearn it a different way?  If you went through the public schools in the 90s/early 2000s, you might have learned multiplication by lining up the numbers in rows and then working diagonally.  Today you may find your kids learning it with boxes and numbers all around the boxes, and who knows what. is. happening.

multiplication now

When I student taught and realized there was THIS way of teaching multiplication, I was so confused.  I had to go home, youtube it, practice it, and then do the homework myself before handing it out to the kids the next day.

I recently had this happen with my photography skills too.  After meeting with my mentor, I learned a new and better way to take photos.  But I had to unlearn my old habits I started, and then re-learn new ones.

cat reading

It’s so challenging!  Sometimes it seems like I should just forget it altogether and work on scrubbing the inside of my son’s carseat, which is full of pb&j (and many other mystery snacks of the past.)  :I


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