Snowball Effect

You know how some things snowball in a terrible way?  My three year old for example, may be hungry.  But his hunger leads him to hit his sister (who is a baby!), and then he gets punished with a timeout, where he slams on the door loudly the whole time, and then when he gets out he continues to harm others like he’s paid to do it… until I finally realize, “oh my gosh, you’re starving!”


Well, the same can happen in a positive way.  I started working on photography slowly about a year ago.  I took photos a couple times a week, here and there.  I took two classes last winter, and that helped some.  Still I found weeks go by without any practice at all.

Then I began a daily two minute practice, which started to get the ball rolling.  I finally understood how to take a photo.  Not well, but I could take one.  Then I got a mentor, and basically this was the biggest factor in my progress.


I have since had 3 practice sessions with families and friends, and I have a baby practice session Friday.  I got Lightroom (an editing program) on my laptop, and have been practicing tons ever since.  I feel like the concepts I am starting to grasp, and it’s getting more and more fun!

I will post pictures from the baby session Friday or on the weekend.  So excited!


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