Some of My Strategies for Meeting Goals

So far with my mission to quit quitting, I have found some success.  It’s like super lollygagingish, and up and down like crazy, but regardless it’s success.  I want to share the things that help me stay on track because maybe these tips can help you (and me for my next goals).

  • Get help.  You can do it on your own.  Just kidding, you probably cant.  This is why you are a quitter.  So find someone who can help! For my pull up challenge, it was after I met with a trainer when my progress and strength increased significantly. (I learned what to do to meet the goal).  With photography, it all changed for me once I got a mentor and started learning 1:1 from her.
  • Sign up, Freak out method: This I also recommend if you’re a natural quitter.  It’s the concept of signing up for something that you can NOT do now, for sometime concrete in the future.  For example, you want to run a marathon, but currently your name and ‘marathon’ are only in the same sentence when referring to binge watching tv shows. Trust me I’ve been there.  So instead of running first now, and then signing up for a marathon once you feel capable, you sign up first.  Then, freak out! OMG it’s coming in 4 months, I have to train!! And you WILL train.
  • Ditch TV time: Here’s the thing.  Quitters are easily distracted by TV.  We’re like, “Oh nice! The Law & Order episode that I saw seventeen times is on again.  Makin’ it eighteen.” Seriously though, what could you accomplish in your own life, if you stopped watching fake people live fake lives?
  • Don’t wait for confidence to do something.  I learned something important.  I never want to wait for confidence to come before I try something.  Because it doesn’t.  First you try, fail, try some more, find success, and THEN confidence comes.  It’s just the way it is.

Happy Quitting quitting, everyone.

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