The Next Photo Project

My grandparents own a farm, where they have lived and raised their family forever.  They had six sons, all of which help farm each year.  They are my uncles and dad.  Well before I ever started taking photos regularly I imagined how amazing it could be to take tons of photos of my grandparents, the six sons and the farm.

I remember telling my husband as we drove past farm land one day, “Wouldn’t it be so amazing to have the farm, Pops and Nana, and the six sons photographed?” And I remember his response as well, “Yeah, you should do it.”

But at that time, I could hardly turn the camera on, let alone photograph something so precious and with so many subjects.  Now after a few months of serious practice, I am doing this project!  It’s on Saturday, 4 days away.


Mostly I feel really really excited.  I can’t wait to turn these photos into a big beautiful photo book to have for generations and generations to come.

This photo project is sort of going to decide if I “learned photography” well enough to consider the goal met.  Hopefully, it will.  Even if I do feel like the goal is met, I plan to continue working on it more and more, because maybe one day this could be a part time career for me 🙂



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