What’s Next?

Although I am still pursuing photography, I am switching gears with my goals to “work on.”  The truth is, I want to continue working on photography because it brings me so much joy.  I will still share some photos here and there (mostly for my own accountability sake), but I’m ready to tackle another goal I previously quit on.



I was cheap during College and shortly after.

Then I got married, and we now had two salaries. We were living in a small apartment, and easily made our rent.  We had money to spend.  And spend it- I did.

Lattes every morning (Yeah, duh they were pumpkin spice), pointless runs to target where I walked around with this motto: If it’s cute, it’s mine.

I ate out all the time.  Fast food restaurants, medium-speed restaurants (Panera), and even expensive sit-down restaurants.  Drinks and apps with friends every weekend night.  Whatever romper or sundress I wanted.  Whatever earrings I liked.  Whatever movie I wanted to see, and dang right- I want soda AND popcorn.

One time (which I can never tell my mother because she would disown me), I misplaced my sunglasses somewhere in my one bedroom apartment.  Instead of looking for them, I went to Target and bought new ones.  YOLO, Whatevs, and all the other slang.

Fast forward a few years and I live in a house with a way larger monthly payment, and we’re down 1 salary (as I stay home with the kids).  Not to mention that kids are not cheap.  I think we have an ongoing hospital bill just always.



I tried being cheap again so many times. But it is really hard to adjust to spending less.  Here’s why:

stop buying lattes

I am not nearly as bad as I could be, but I am not nearly as frugal as I could be either.  So this is my next goal, partially out of desire and partially out of necessity: Become frugal and resourceful.








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