The Magnitude of my Spending Problems

Do you remember when you got your first checking account, and they gave you this little book that you write down all of your expenses in?  I do.  I remember thinking This is way too much work, I’ll just look at my account online.  And I did, and it was almost always around 5 dollars.  Then again, I was in College and super poor- so socially acceptable.

poor college kid

But now I’m 31, and it still happens with my personal spending account, so..not as socially acceptable.

Anyway, looking over my last month of spending overall, I see A LOT of Target runs, Panera and other restaurants, and coffee shops.  This kind of makes me sad.  The things I spend the most on are food (though we have food at home), coffee (though I have coffee at home), and cute organizational crap from Target (which is ironic, because I’m super disorganized anyway).

Meanwhile, our stroller’s wheel falls off repeatedly, my running shoes are so worn out I’m getting blisters on my heels, and I don’t own a single white tank top and every day of my life I need a white tank top.

I’m starting to see the issues here.  It’s causing chaos in my life that is so unnecessary! I’m looking forward to making progress on this goal.


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