Back on Track

Any time I don’t post in a couple weeks it’s a sign that I am failing miserably on my goal.  I basically quit working on being more frugal and resourceful because it’s really hard.

It’s hard to shop at 5 different stores to get the best deals.  It’s annoying to take my kids out of the car and into a cart, only to grab chicken breasts, and then back into the car, and go to the next store for grapes.

shopping with kids

I’m struggling to write down all my spending.  I forget to keep the note pad by the door and handy.

I think about the number I just spent somewhere, and say “okay write down 13.74 when I get home.”  Then I don’t.

I look at the banking accounts online never.

Mostly I am admitting this so I have some accountability.  I have to reflect on it a bit, and re-dedicate myself to the goal.



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