Back on Track Again.. For Real..?

UGH.  On my way to grab my computer to write a post I was dreading it.  Like a three year old told they must clean up all their toys, I sluggishly walked over to my laptop-  Stopping fourteen times, distracted by anything shiny or fun.

But here I am.  These posts are the worst..because I have to admit my failure, yet again.  But I know there is no moving forward til I do.  So here it goes:

I have NOT stopped shopping at Target, it’s like a drug.

I have NOT written down my expenses, meal planned, or price compared.

I have NOT stopped buying lattes whenever I want, also like a drug.

coffee meme

I have had a tiny bit of success with some things.  My husband and I recently sold a bunch of things we didn’t want anymore.  If this was a few months ago, we would have just donated them or thrown them out.  But, instead we utilized Facebook Marketplace and sold a few things, helping to build a bit of savings.  I’m happy about that.  I need to get back on track with the rest of the things though.

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