3 Mini-goals

I remember from past successes, I needed short-term mini goals within my larger goal to stay on track.  I’m setting up some mini goals to help stay motivated.

Get it? 🙂

So here are my 3 mini goals I’m going to focus on for now:

  1. Price Compare: Before purchasing items I want to look for best prices.  Amazon usually has lowest prices but not always.  I’m also not on top of things enough to plan for 2 days later.  We are out of kitty litter NOW, or I need Kcups NOW- CRAP!  So I just run to the most convenient place and pay whatever it costs.
  2. Running list: I don’t write down what I need until I’m leaving for the store (if I do at all).  This leads to me forgetting things we need, and wasting money on things we don’t.  Instead of adding things to a list when we are out, Im hoping to add them to the list when we are running low, to allow time for price comparing and possible shipping time.
  3.  Need vs. Want: I really need to reflect on needs vs. wants, because my lists for these are way off.  I really need white tank tops (something every morning I say, “crap I need a white tank!”) But I really DON’T need a caribou latte…every. single. day.
gets money
(Goal 4: Do this less)

While there are so many other mini goals I’d like to work on right away, these are the first ones I’m going to tackle. When I don’t break it down I get overwhelmed and give up!


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