Balancing Health and Frugality

I’m an all-or-nothing type, which only aids to my quitter troubles.  People who are all-or-nothing tend to have unrealistic expectations, so when they fall off the band wagon they tend to quit altogether.


I swing all the way one way on a matter, and then all the way the other.  With my goal of being frugal, I started to really be cheap.  So much so that it led to me buying things that weren’t healthy, or helpful.

I bought Dollar store drain cleaner (which didn’t work at all), and higher carb, lower veggie meals for my family.

I’m learning that it can’t be black and white, because other things matter too.  My family needs protein and veggies.  I need the freedom to use some convenient things like salad kits or craft kits for rainy days.


So what’s the balance?  When do you choose being frugal over other things, and vice versa? It’s so tricky!

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