Christmas Saving Ideas

I suppose all of us could use some ideas for saving this Christmas season.  A few I learned about are below:

dory Christmas money

  1. Christmas toy swap: My friend and I are going to do this for our kids. Instead of purchasing our boys their own Christmas gifts, we are going to each pick a toy from home to swap and wrap up.  Our kids really don’t know the difference, and it saves both of our families a little money!
  2. Ditch the bows: No one really cares about the bows on top.  Sure they look great, but they’re more interested in what’s under them anyway.
  3. Utilize Secret Santa: instead of buying each other each a gift this Christmas, my husband’s side of the family has chosen to do a secret Santa.  Each of us will get one gift, and each will purchase one gift.  This helps us buy two gifts instead of four.
  4. Decrease number of gifts for your kids: Here’s the thing.  My parents, and my In-laws spoil my two kids a ton already on Christmas.  So why should I also buy each of my kids three more gifts??  They don’t need 400 gifts each Christmas, nor do I need 400 more items to clean around.  Aside from toy swapping, we are getting our kids zero gifts.  Stocking stuffers at the most.
  5. **Decluttering/Generosity teaching tip: I am starting something this year, as my son is 3 and starting to understand toys, gifts, needs, etc.  I am anticipating he will receive about 10 gifts when all is said and done this year.  So early next month, he will pick ten toys he can part with, and donate to a charity or goodwill.  I’ll share how it goes later!


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