One Decision at a Time

The other evening I had just come home from Target, after dinner, after a whole day.  I needed a couple things and I didn’t want to drive far.  Right as I put away the last item I realized CRAP! I forgot baby food. But-

sad sleep

My baby is teething and only wanting pureed food lately, and we were out, so I knew I needed to go get some.  The last thing I wanted to do was drive back to Target to get it, but I got in the car anyway.  Then I remembered that Aldi has the best priced baby food pouches.

I decided to drive there instead, regardless of how inconvenient it was.  I probably saved a couple dollars, but a couple dollars is a couple dollars!

I realize I shouldn’t have gone to Target for my other items in the first place, but I can only do this one moment at a time.

Maybe you’re like me, a big picture person who lacks the ability to see all the tiny steps in between.  If I start to focus on the steps in between, and make my small decisions moment by moment, it will change my outcome and help me reach my goals.

That day was full of wrong choices, and a couple right ones.  But a couple right ones is still something.


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