Prioritizing a Savings

Ugh, adulting is the WORST sometimes.  When you’re little, you can’t wait to be big so you can buy all the ice cream you want in the world, then when you’re big and finally have money to do that, you still don’t have money because bills. (Do you remember being like her below by the way? I do! Ha.)


Medical bills, electric, water, house payment, car payment, membership fees, the list goes on and on.  Recently my husband and I have finally started prioritizing a savings.  I know that sounds obvious to do, but there are always debts and big expenses that seem more urgent.

I fell into the “no debt is best” category, which IS true, but not at the cost of having savings for buffer.

Without the savings as a buffer we had to go more in debt using credit cards for new tires, paying hospital bills with interest, and many other things I won’t bore you with.

BUT, part of trying to spend less and need less is so we can contribute more to a savings.   If you find yourself in debt but always try to pay off that debt to only go more into debt, maybe consider switching your mentality.  Build a savings first.  Then pay off that debt second.

Being an adult is hard, but I know others are struggling much more, like her-

capri sun problems



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