Why Facebook Groups are the BEST

I have been finding many good strategies for living a more frugal life.  One of the best resources I have is Facebook.  Specifically, facebook MOM groups.  Because they are full of other moms who are on budgets too.  They are looking to swap toys, donate their kids’ outgrown clothes, and buy your kids’ gently used books for cheap, etc.  I am part of my Church Moms group, where the moms are extremely giving and caring and want to help.


My daughter didn’t have any snow pants or boots this winter, and before buying them, I just posted an ISO for those things on the church moms facebook page.  That day, I got both items for free from beautiful women who just wanted to help.

I have also joined some of the city garage sale groups in my area.  I HIGHLY recommend this! You can find gently used furniture, gadgets, clothes, etc, and sell on those pages as well.

But be careful, there are ALWAYS things posted that I’m like, “Oooh cute! Do I need that?!” Luckily my husband is always there to say “no.”




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