Quitter Tendencies in Childhood

You know who from your third grade class is a quitter today?  The one who was always in the nurse’s office.

I was that kid.  I “felt sick” a lot of times during elementary school.  I wanted out of math class, out of gym class, away from that peer during lunch time, to avoid that “mean” teacher who was strict and scary.

It was the best.  I could go to the nurse, who was the sweetest lady ever.  She gave me an icepack for my head and allowed me to lay down on the cot.  I got a fuzzy blanket and pillow.  There, I quit.  There was my comfort, my break away from the difficult.  Hard times are, well, hard.  I wanted to avoid them at all costs.

Today, it’s a little different.  Now I go to the TV when I want to quit.  Still with the pillow and blanket, but now in addition, TV binging.  That is why my husband sets the parental control on the TV at home, so I don’t keep quitting.

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