Well Hello Again

Hello there! Writing this post is like running into a friend at Target who you never called again and sort of forgot about. Except a little worse. I didn’t mean to quit writing my blog, but it sort of just happened. But, now I have lots to share, so all is well.

Bad news: there’s a pandemic. Lots of places are closed, people are getting very sick, some are dying, kids have school via the computer, and lots of people have lost their jobs, and no one is socially seeing anyone. It’s really bad.

I am thankful that my family has remained safe and healthy. I’m grateful our income hasn’t changed and we haven’t lost jobs. I’m so thankful that we have a house with toys, books, a tv, and plenty of food and water.

Good news: I have been saving lots of money. Lots of businesses and hangouts are closed, so I have been better at saving. I can’t take much credit for this though, since we were all forced to stop spending as much.

It has been fun to find fun things to do at home with my kids for small amounts of money. We have done baking projects, colored rice and other sensory activities, started chores for the kids, wrote books together, and many other activities I can share another time. That’s a bit of an update on life now. Sort of doing well on being frugal, but still could be working on it.

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